I began this glossary in an attempt to better understand Graves's The White Goddess, as I found myself becoming confused from all of the references to different heroes and gods, despite my knowledge of mythology. The page numbers apply only to the amended and enlarged 1966 edition put out by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux.

Entries can be interpreted as follows:

Aesculapius (m.) (Greek, Pelasgian) = Pelasgian hero, King of the Thessalian crow-totem tribe of Lapiths; = son of Coronis (f.) ("Crow"); = son of Athene according to Tatian's Address to the Greeks; = son of Apollo; = Midach in Irish legend (p 52)
see also Coronus, Bran

Name of Character (sex) (culture of origin) = is the same as; (page on which the aforementioned information can be found)
other entries of interest

Once the index is expanded further, entries will be moved to separate pages alphabetically and the "see also" parts of the entries will be made into links.

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