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Glossary Entries O - Z

Odin (m.) (Teutonic) = god associated with Ash; = Woden; = Gwydion (p 57)

Ogma (m.) (Ireland) = god of Eloquence (p 23)

Ogyr Vran (m.) (Wales) = Leodegrance in Malory's Morte D'Arthur; = Bran (p 60)

Olwen (f.) (Wales, Ireland) = Blodeuwedd (p 41); = laughing Aprodite of Welsh legend (p 42); = associated with the wild apple (p 41)

Ophion (m.) (Greece) = cosmic snake, whom Eurynome had taken as her lover; = from whose teeth the Pelasgians (Danaans) of Greece were born in legend (p 62)

Phorcis (f.) (Greece) = white sow aspect of the Barley-goddess, who was also Io and Leucippe; = Choere, Marpessa (p 67)

Plastene (f.) (Greece) = Ino; = Leucothea (as named by the Greeks); = mother goddess of the Centaurs; = mother of Melicertes or Hercules Melkarth (p 63)

Saturn (m.) (Rome) = Greek Cronos (p 66); = associated with crows (p 67)

Tammuz (m.) (Sumeria) = Du'uzu; = lover and brother of Belili; = corn god and pomegranate god (p 58)

Tuatha dé Danaan (British Isles) = "the folk of the God whose mother is Danu" (p 50)

Uranus (m.) (Greece) = oak-king; = father of Cronos (p 65)

Uther Ben (m.) (Britain) = "the wonderful head"; = Arthur's father in Malory's Morte D'Arthur; = Bran (p 60)

Varuna (m.) (India) = Indo-european god of a trinity with Mitra and Indra; =? Poseidon (p 62)

Woden (m.) (Teutonic) = god associated with Ash; = Odin; = Gwydion (p 57)

Zeus (m.) (Greece) = husband of Hera (p 64); = herdsmen's oracular hero, connected with the oak-tree cult of Dodona in Epirus, presided over by the dove-priestesses of Dionë; = son of Cronos (p 65); = sky god of Achaean herdsmen (p 66)

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