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§ My Poetry

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Chapel Walls
a mulitmedia poem about isolation
28 K (requires Flash plug-in)

Waiting for the Rain
a multimedia poem about love, death, and renewal
361 K (requires Flash plug-in)

Untitled Multimedia Poem 1
a multimedia poem exploring demanding expectations...and those who fail to live up to them

130 k (requires Flash plug-in)


The Glory
a multimedia love poem
35 K (requires Flash plug-in)

forgive me daddy
a multimedia poem about becoming a failure in spite of successes
47 K (requires Flash plug-in)

The Sun Has Fallen
a multimedia poem about the failure of a writer and his exile from life

Here's an earlier, incomplete version of Waiting for the Rain that most browsers render, well, nauseating... 64 K (requires Flash plug-in)

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