Ted Snyder

Artist / Teacher / Wiccan

So, if you've come to this page, I'd imagine you are looking for some information about me.

My passion is for writing and understanding. Everything else seems to have grown out of these. But grown much like the fruit trees that Tantalus reached after, for each time I feel that I have what I seek within my grasp, it slips away.

But such is the life of a mystic. I heard it once said that the spiritual path is much like walking towards the horizon. You walk all day; you make progress, but you still do not reach the end goal. Chogram Trungpa, a Buddhist teacher, said that the path is the goal. Once you have spent enough time in pursuit of the horizon, you realize that you have found what you are seeking, and that it is all around you. Divinity is in every moment, every step, every breath, every plant, animal, planet, and star, should we just learn to open up our eyes and look.

I have had my mind trained as an entomologist and my heart trained as a Wiccan, and I try to incorporate the passion of the poem with the wonder of nature.

I have found heartbreak and sorrow, and grace and joy, upon this path. But I have also stumbled upon the greatest teaching of all: love.

I live in the Milwaukee, WI area, and I am available to provide assistance with handfastings and other rituals of passage, Pagan pastoral counseling, and other needs of the Pagan spiritual community. You can contact me at ted at (just subsitute the "at" for "@" - I have it set up this way to help reduce SPAM). Please put "PAGAN MINISTRY" in the subject line so you can bypass my spam filter.

Blessed be!

Have Me Present at Your Function!

Here are some comments from various presentations I've given:

"Great PowerPoint slides, down to earth info"

- Anon.

"Very intelligent speaker"

- Barbara F

"I just wanted to 'Thank You' again for coming yesterday and presenting... That was awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

- Pam P


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